RoosterBlue Ridge’s, Old Timers Parade is always held on the Saturday closest to the 4th of July.  That means this year it is July 1, 2017.  The parade is not a 4th of July parade but rather a celebration of “Old Time Blue Ridge”.  Saturday was selected by the Historical Society many, many years ago as the day the parade will take place as that was the only day “farmers” would come to town.  The farmers would bring their buggies, horses, mules or tractors and ride in the parade along side city officials, local organizations, business owners, bands and anyone else that wanting to be involved.

Not much since the mid 1950’s has changed.  It is still a time for all of BLUE RIDGE to come together and celebrate the way Blue Ridge, Georgia used to be.  Bring your antique vehicles, dress in period attire OR not, it is up to you..  If you, your organization, your business, your church, etc would like to participate in the parade contact Anne Seay and she will make a place for you in the parade.  Anne has been in charge of the parade for the last 10 +/ – years and we are very grateful for all her hard work, year after year.

Calling all businesses in the downtown area!  Please advertise the “Old Timers Parade” by decorate your store windows,  telling all your customers when the parade will start and MOST importantly, be in the parade!

Attention All Participants:

  • Arrive at 9:00 am if you need any last minute decorating, no later than 9:30 am if your decorating is completely done
  • Walking participants:  Meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot (Ron Wallace will be working this area)
  • Music/Band participants: Meet in the grassy area near park grill
  • Motorized participants: Line up along street at North Georgia Paper (Marsha Freeman will be working this area)
  • We are looking for 2  members to carry the BRBA banner.  Give Pam a call at 706-258-2432 if you are willing.

Permits are not required to participate in the parade.


Parade will start at 10 am on July 1st so come early and find your spot for viewing.


If you have previous parades pictures you would like to share please send to us
and we will add to our photo album.