Safe Zone Will Be a Drive-By This Year

Governor Kemp has extended his emergency order not allowing outdoor gatherings of more than 200 people to November 10th and the city is not issuing any new downtown permits through the end of the year.

Bottom line is we will not be able to move forward with our normal downtown Safe Zone this year. There will be no candy distribution downtown, there will not be a costume contest downtown, East Main will not be closed to traffic nor will there be a police presence.

Downtown Safe Zone is officially cancelled.

So What Are We Going To Do???

The Blue Ridge Business Association is going to partner with the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church and participate in a “Safe Zone Drive-By” at the church located at 235 Orvin Lance Dr, next to the post office.

This is a true Drive-By, the public will not be allowed to get out of their vehicles.  Volunteers wearing both masks and gloves will bring commercially wrapped candy to the children.  No pedestrian traffic will be allowed at any time.

  • Safe Zone Drive-By will be Saturday, October 31st
  • Hours are 5 to 8 pm

There will be up to 40 spots around the perimeter of the church for businesses, organizations or individuals to have candy distribution stations.  If you would like to reserve a spot to distribute candy please email the United Methodist Church or call them at 706-632-2327 during normal business hours.

If you would like to participate please:


  • Contact the church and reserve your spot NOW
  • Dressing in costume is encouraged
  • Decorating your table or vehicle is encouraged
  • Spaces are large enough for a 10 x 10 tent and table or a normal size car
  • You may set up as early at 3 pm
  • Drive-By will be from 5 to 8 pm on Saturday October 31st
  • Please tear down & take everything with you that night.  The church is not charging us anything to use their property so please leave your space as you found it.

Besides the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church distribution location there will be several other distribution locations around Blue Ridge that will be offering drive-by only opportunities.  Currently businesses participating include the following but we do expect this list to grow.

Map of candy distribution locations.


Memories of Previous Years