The Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company has been a local business and hang-out for birders in Blue Ridge for the past 15 years. The current owners, a father-daughter duo, Lou and Jaime Davis, purchased the store May 1, 2017, from the original owners, Tom “The Birdman” and Sonja Striker. Having lived in Atlanta for the past 40 years and being a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, Lou fell in love with Blue Ridge and all the wonderful curvy roads to be ridden in the area! Once able to purchase a cabin here in town, there was no question about it and he never looked back. After retiring Lou was finally able to enjoy Blue Ridge full time! As Jaime and her daughter often visited her parents on weekends, Jaime decided to leave the challenging field of Residential Property Management and become part of the Blue Ridge community too. Upon investigating many businesses, the opportunity to purchase the Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company presented itself and everything just seemed “meant to be”!

Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company is a small, non-franchised bird store, dedicated to helping people learn about bird feeding the RIGHT way and have more fun while they do it. We test new products and stock only what works. We guarantee what we sell and stand behind our products and recommendations. Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company owns the trademark for Birdman’s Blend, our unique proprietary house seed blend. The birds love this blend and we sell it in bulk! We appreciate all our customers who continue to feed the birds our gourmet Birdman’s Blend and have a rewards program to acknowledge their loyalty. In fostering the feeling of small town and community, we host monthly educational seminars on varying birding subjects spanning from proper feeders and feeding techniques, to identifying bird, and avoiding bears! Additionally, we help you apply to apply those lessons learned by hosting Bird Walks throughout the year and hit many birding “Hot Spots” throughout Fannin County.

Jaime and Lou are totally vested in working with the Blue Ridge community and participate in the many community events and fund raisers. Jaime, in particular, serves on the Board of Directors for the Blue Ridge Business Association and often volunteers her time for special projects and events in downtown Blue Ridge, most recently spearheading the collection of funds to help purchase vests for local policemen. You may have even voted for the Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company’s “GingerBIRD House” at the recent decorating contest.

Lou and Jaime believe in the Shop Local philosophy and hope you do too. We welcome you to stop in and visit our unique store. Many friendships have been initiated and thrived through the connection of the Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company, as “Birders” are definitely a special breed amongst their own!